Chef Jill


Hi there! I'm Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt

No one is more passionate or enthusiastic about food than I am. I was born to feed the people of this world. I come from a long line of amazing cooks and badass women. I wake up thinking about what I want to eat and fall asleep thinking about what I am making next. I never get bored of trying to come up with new and exciting ways to share my love for food with anyone who will listen or watch.

My goal is to change your life one dish at a time! Whether it's a recipe you've been waiting all your life to conquer or a skill/technique you have always wanted to learn, I've got the answers to all of your culinary questions!

This website is the heart of my business - here you can find delicious and do-able recipes, videos full of tips and tricks, and my favorite part (drumroll please), a way to book me as your culinary adventure guide to find endless ways for us to have a blast in the kitchen!

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